Posted by: hdoubt | September 5, 2012

Welcome to Denmark

It is hard to believe I’m writing this first post in the middle of downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. All of the research, time, and the decisions I made throughout this past school year have led to me being here today – and I couldn’t be more excited!

I have been here for more than a week now so I realize I’m a bit late on the whole blogging thing, but hey, a guy needs some time to get settled in first. Here is a quick synopsis on what has happened so far!

The flight from Toronto to Iceland and then eventually to Copenhagen could not have gone any smoother. It seemed like no time at all between the time my friend Dylan and I left Toronto to when we were walking out of the gates at Copenhagen International and meeting my Mentor for the year, Caroline. Caroline as my mentor is in charge of guiding me and offering up information on the city, campus, and all that Denmark has to offer. Let me just say, if it had not been for Caroline, I have no idea where Dylan and I would have ended up on that first day. So thanks Caroline! She first took us on the metro, than to the international office, and then onto a bus to our student apartment. 

Now my contract for my room did not start until the 3rd of September, so I had the distinct privilege of living with Dylan for a week! I found a blow up mattress in the common room and used that for the week to sleep on. I can tell you my back has seen better days. Thanks though to Dylan for giving up his apartment for the week and having a roommate!

Since then, I have moved into my room. It is the exact same room as Dylan’s but mine is on the fourth floor of Keops and in a different building all together.Mine also happened to be left a little cleaner which was nice! The room is even larger than I thought it was going to be and I have a great view. I have cooked a total of four meals in my own personal kitchen – an accomplishment I have to admit I’m proud of (and I know at least my Mom would be proud of) It is awesome having my own kitchen and washroom all to myself…kind of feels like I’m growing up a bit?…No way.

Speaking of growing up…I bought a bike. The “Mustang City”…I thought it was fitting coming from Western and all. Got it for only $80 which is pretty cheap and it gets me from A to B. Biking is definitely a must here in Copenhagen, and coming from back home where I haven’t really biked since I was say,10, this was certainly a wake-up call. The bike lanes are fairly generous though and you can spot the “foreigners” from the local Danes. I personally think I fit right in with the Danes…..not. Now I must admit I have only had a couple minor slip ups where I either can’t get started right away or that dang curb happens to get in my way! But hey, its all a learning process, right?

Dylan and I have explored a lot of the city over the last week or so on those bikes, but there is still way more to see for sure! One thing we have seen a lot of is the StudentBar! (sorry Mom and Dad). Wednesday is International night and Friday is cheap beer night…How could you ever stay away?! Copenhagen is a beautiful city filled with lots of beautiful buildings, giant parks and tons of culture. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of it. One place we have checked out is Christiania – but not for the reasons most people go there. A self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood of about 850 residents in Copenhagen, Christiania is a lawless society that only has three rules: Have fun, don’t run, and NO pictures. Marijuana is sold openly as well as smoked openly, and the whole vibe of the town is somewhat late 60’s. It is weird seeing people smoking amongst older and younger tourists like ourselves, but it really is an interesting place. You should look it up if you want to learn the history behind it!

And I can’t forget what I actually came here for, school! There were a couple of orientation days for Political Science students and this was an awesome way to meet other exchange students from all over the world. It is tough trying to remember everybody’s name, but I’m slowly getting to learn them. Dylan and I had our first class this past Monday – Security Studies. The professor is very respected in this field and it should be quite an interesting course. My other two courses, International Political Economy and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Peace or Apocalypse Now? started the next day. Both were very interesting as well! 

Whats that? Do I only have class on Mondays and Tuesdays?! Yes. I know, pretty awesome. 

Now I’m just spending the rest of the week in the library trying to get started on all the readings…a little more than we’re used to back at home! 

That’s all for now! I’m hoping to see more of the city this week. Enjoy the photos!

  Fun Fact #1:Greenland and the Faroe Islands are Danish territories with home rule!

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  1. Loved your blog, Hunter! And thanks for the photos too! I feel like we’re there with you! How exciting and I love your “mustang”! On that note,, we went to the UWO-Toronto game on Saturday – what a blow out – we left with ten minutes to play and the score was 52-0! Toronto did score once and UWO scored another 10 points, so I hear!

    Played in the Member-Guest Day yesterday. We’ve had lots of rain but the sun did manage to shine from 1:30-6:00 PM so we got it in and my team won one skin for $25.00 – not as good as last year when we won something like $300.00

    Our evenings are getting cooler and the trees are starting to turn color. The shadows are very long so we know autumn and winter are around the corner. It is a beautiful season!

    Send our love. Keep in touch – wonderful getting updates!

  2. It sounds absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to come visit and see for myself!

  3. Great job of the blog Hunter – because we were just there in July I recognize many of the sites in your pictures – what a fabulous city – we look forward to updates – ENJOY

    Jack and Elaine

  4. Your are good writer Hunter…your choice of words and descriptions make you want to read more! I loved the reference To Disney and the Tivioli Gardens! Of course I am always interested in how Disney got info for his parks which bring so much joy to families around the world. Would love to see more photos of the Gardens!

    We get to see your Mom, Dad and Gramma at the club tonight for cheap chicken night! I know it is not officially called that but it got that name when they first decided to do a roasted breast of chicken dinner years ago! I believe it was for $10….so the cheap chicken dinner name has kind of stuck with me anyway !

    Years ago we were in Epcot with my nephew and his new well as our family at the Norway castle for dinner. My nephew kept his head turning at all the beautiful Norwegian young women waiting on the tables! He kept saying I have never seen so many gorgeous blonds all in the same room before! So enjoy the beauty of the entire country and watch out for whiplash!

    Sue Martin

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