Posted by: hdoubt | September 16, 2012

Accents and Friends

Glad to see that people are interested in my trip so far! Thanks to everyone for the support because this really is not something I’m used to doing!

This past week has been fairly consistent with those of my first few weeks here. Some school to start the week off, homework and reading the rest of the week, and then having some fun out at the bars at night. Something that isn’t as consistent now though it seems is the weather! For the first couple of weeks I was here it really didn’t rain and it was sunny almost everyday. Now, it seems like it has gotten a little bit colder, especially at night and the days are starting to become a little more overcast! I have had a couple experiences this week biking in the pouring rain. Definitely need the rain jacket and pants to try and stay dry! There is also always a strong wind here in Copenhagen which I never really thought about, but obviously with the water not too far away that plays a huge factor.

At night when we go out to the bars the social scene in Denmark is not far off what it is anywhere back home in Canada. Dancing is a must and loud music is always present. One thing we have noticed though is that the Danish people love to play some old classics along with the current trending music at the bar. Not often would you hear Destiny Child’s, “Say My Name,” or Aqua’s, “I’m a Barbie Girl,” at a bar back home in London! It is great though jamming out to some tunes of my childhood!

Since I have been here in Denmark I have had the great fortune to meet a ton of great people. There is no greater experience than meeting people from all around the world coming from all different walks of life. I believe I have met a person from every single continent since I have been here and made friends with a ton of new people whom I would never have had the opportunity to meet. That’s the whole point of this exchange thing, right?

One of the funniest things about meeting all these different people from around the world is the accents. Whether it be Scottish, French, Italian, British, or Australian, everyone likes to imitate each other and everyone thinks that they don’t personally have an accent! So far, Dylan and I have struggled the most with the Scottish accent. We have one friend, Emma, who when the first time we met her we could have sworn she introduced herself as, “Aema.” Still to this day it sounds like she is saying, “Aema,” instead of Emma so we tease her for it.

It has been awesome becoming friends with so many great people. Whether it is meeting through class or the apartment, there is never a shortage of people to meet…and never a shortage of accents to go along with them! 


Fun Fact #3: Denmark covers 16,630 square miles of FLAT land and is composed of 400 islands. 

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  1. Great pictures and an interesting blog.
    Xx Gram

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