Posted by: hdoubt | September 16, 2012

Denmark and the Environment

An interesting video on Denmark, wind energy, and protecting the environment.



  1. Hunter, this was fascinating! I’m learning so much more about Denmark because of this great experience you’re having! Keep the education coming!

    • Thanks Eileen! By the way, those bike lights are working out great! Big help. Say hi to Barry and Bo for me!

  2. Hey Hunter! So glad you are already having an absolutely amazing experience….and looks like you’ve finally unpacked! Can’t wait to hear more! Thanks for sharing!
    PS. this youtube video was perfect for a project Maddy is doing for her World Issues course! Thanks!

    • Glad to hear it Patty! Hope everyone is well back home!

  3. This is super cool, totally didn’t know Denmark had so much going on.

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