Posted by: hdoubt | September 22, 2012

Just another day in Copenhagen

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Don’t know why, but for some reason I decided it a good idea to wake up this morning and go read somewhere outside in downtown Copenhagen, on what was the coldest day since I have been here. Felt like it was about 5 degrees out there…with the rain. Remember how I said the weather was changing? Well it is. My Mom and Dad warned me about the rain, I guess I believe them now! Anyways, here are some pictures I took on the way today. Enjoy!

There will be a new post tomorrow involving an amusement park that inspired Walt Disney to create Disney World, great food, and the sighting of a Royal Family member!

Fun Fact #4: Danes were recently named best non-native English speakers in the world by the European Commission. 80 percent of the work force speaks English, but it is also quite common for Danes to know German, French, Spanish and other languages.



  1. For a rainly, cool day, it looks beautiful, Hunter, and you can never take too many photos of the beautiful, natural environment. Trust you passed up the pastry shop!

    Mustangs beat Windsor – beautiful sunny autumn day! Lots of touchdowns – I think the score was 35-23 when we left with a minute in the game. Don’t quote me on that.

    We’re hosting a “gradulation” party for our friend, Julia. She completed a two-year business accounting program at Fanshawe in late August and landed a job as a junior accountant at a London firm, started in early Setpember. There have been about four other women who have helped her along the way and we’re all so proud of her! I’m sure you remember meeting her again last Christmas.

    Hope all is well for you – sending a big hug! xo

  2. Hi Hunter,
    I’m learning lots about Denmark I did not know from your blog. I hope you have been enjoying some Danish food — especially the pastries with marzipan. And what about the herring….
    Thanks for keeping us up today. Britta

  3. Hi Hunter

    Great photos. The Danes do love their parks and glad you are enjoying that part of the Danish experience. When we were in CPH last summer we went to the garden at one of Queen Margarethe’s palaces and people were reading, playing games, eating lunch etc. and generally also treating it like a park. Loving your blog! Susanna and Herald

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