Posted by: hdoubt | September 27, 2012

Where is the happiest place on Earth?

You guessed it! Learn why Denmark is consistently rated as the world’s happiest country!



  1. Hurricane !!
    Your mom forwarded the electronic diary, aka blog, and we have enjoyed reading it. i’m sure it will be a great year for you, and a wonderful learning experience. Not much new at home here; Captain’s Day was held on Friday/Saturday and it turned out to be fun event with great weather. We ended up in middle of pack; but I also played on Thursday and the group behing us included Allan McLean, the London golfer who also plays on some of the tours. They were playing from the tips, and his drives on #9 and # 18 were unreal. It’s Ryder Cup here in Chicago, but the Yanks have it all sewed up with just to-day (Sunday) left. NHL Hockey is on hold – looks like the lockout won’t get settled before season begins. Hard to understand why they are so strident, having just signed a new deal 3-4 yrs. ago.
    Keep us posted on your experince in Denmark, and best wishes for another successful year at school.
    Regards. John

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