Posted by: hdoubt | October 11, 2012

Doubts minus 1

It has been awhile, but I’m back!

A lot has happened in between my last written post and now, but really, only one major event, my family (minus one) came to Copenhagen!!! Yes, Mom and Dad came to visit their long-lost son in Copenhagen on their way to their next vacation that they so desperately needed (because they really don’t travel much).

I met them both at Central Train Station where Mom may or may not have hugged me to death, and then we wondered on our way to check in to the Hotel du Nord. Now, my parents being the parents that they are had already been to Copenhagen (of course), so while we still did some of the “typical touristy” things, I mostly showed them around my neck of the woods. My school, apartment and friends were all on the agenda, and it was so great showing them around.

What was the best part about them visiting?! Other than getting the taste of home from them it had to be the food. Yes, I have now turned into one of those typical students who lives for the moments when I get a really great meal. Every night we had a great dinner, every afternoon a great lunch, and every morning a great buffet breakfast at the hotel. Life was good for Hunter for those three days, truly. And Britta, my Dad ordered herring at Nyhavn for lunch. I tried it and the verdict?! I thought it was great! Nice to put a taste to the name of my blog 😉

Mom and Dad brought lots of stuff for me from home including some winter clothes (that I really needed ever since I got here), gloves, long jons etc., a Ryder Cup flag from Dad, and from my Grams a George Forman Grill! Wahoo! Thank you Grandma. Now I can grill steaks, make some hot sandwiches, and anything else my not-so-good-of-a-cook-skills can make!

Mom was happy to see and meet my friends (she wasn’t sure if I was making them up or not), and all of my friends were happy to meet her as well. Overall, it was a great weekend and I’m so thankful to have seen them! Thanks for coming Mom and Dad. Now we just have to get the Sis over here!

The day after my parents left I flew off for my Autumn break. As of right now I’m in Prague, Czech Republic having myself a nice Pilsner with a couple of friends in my hostel. After one day of touring I can tell you this truly is a beautiful city. Pictures and thoughts to come in a couple of days.

After Prague I will be heading to Vienna, Austria and ending in Budapest, Hungary. I’ll fly back into Malmo, Sweden which is just a half-an-hour train to Copenhagen.

Thanks again to all for reading and following along! Sorry, Mom and Dad have most of the pictures, but I still have a couple!


Fun Fact #6:

In 1989 Denmark was the first country in the world to recognise registered partnerships for same-sex couples. In 2009 it became possible for registered gay couples to adopt, and in 2012 for gay people to be married in church.

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  1. Let me tell you mom and dad were glad to see you! Glad you aRe enjoying
    Prague. It is beautiful. We were just up on the rooftop of our hotel in Athens dancing under the stars, gazing at the Acropolis lit up at night….life is good!
    Xox mom

  2. Great to hear your in Prague and safe…never go wrong with a pilsner and amigos…remember to pay the dough and go to top of clock tower..get us a good picture. Luv dad

  3. Well, that is quite an update. Glad you like the herring — it’s delicious when prepared properly and quite sweet. I’m also glad your mom and dad came for a visit — as you pointed out they really did deserve a vacation since they never get to go anywhere. And Hunter, in my next life I am coming back as you!! What a great experience you are having with those “wonderful” Danish people!! Keep enjoying those pilsners — but now you have to try the Danish akavidt for the full experience. Enjoy it with herring and then a beer chaser — sort of like drinking gasoline!!

    We look forward to your updates. Hugs, Britta

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