Posted by: hdoubt | October 13, 2012

Czech it out.

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With the first part of my adventure complete I’m happy to say, success! Prague, Czech Republic (not Czechoslovakia!) has to be one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been too. I would have to highly recommend coming here if you ever get the opportunity to do so – you won’t be sorry!

Travelling by myself for really the first time has been quite the adventure, but Prague was a great place to start. Getting to Prague was simple and I have to admit, even I impressed myself with getting to my first hostel from the airport. Prague’s transportation system is very simple, and more importantly, extremely cheap! The hostel was way better than I expected a hostel to be and was filled with all kids around my age. I was in a room of seven people and we all got along extremely well together. Every night we would go out together or just hang out in the lobby with some drinks. There was even a guy from Kitchener in my room! What are the chances?

The first day I visited Prague Castle, (I may have taken one to many photos of the castle if you didn’t notice) which is the largest castle complex in the world! A beautiful place perched atop a mountain; Prague Castle is definitely the cities tourist haven. I climbed to the top of the church tower, which gave me incredible views of the city. The views were made even more incredible by the weather that first day. It had to be the nicest day since I have been here, not a cloud in the sky. I did a mini-tour all around the castle which is filled with a ton of museums. My legs were beat by the end of the day!

Nightlife was filled with going out with people from the hostel and one night enjoying a pub-crawl. We started at our bar in the lobby of the hostel, and then moved around to different pubs around the city – a lot of fun!

Other things I did in Prague included a tour of the Old Town, which is still kept in great shape. Old Town Square is another tourist haven and filled with historical treasures. One thing that stuck out to me was the Jewish area right in the middle of the Old Town. The Nazis never touched this area of Prague during WWII. Why? Hitler wanted to leave Prague as an example and site for future years people to come and see where the” terminated race” had once lived. The area has the largest Jewish cemetery in the world.

The astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, the National museum, Parliament, and other great sites were also part of my three-day adventure in Prague.

Overall, I will remember Prague for its beauty and warmth. I did not see one ugly building in that city, not one! It is a city filled with numerous cathedrals and churches (although, did you know that the Czech people are the third most atheist people in the world?), monuments galore and gorgeous views. It was great learning about Prague’s long and storied history, but also about its history from within even the last 30 years! You can’t forget that communism was prevalent in the Czech until it’s collapse in 1989. Moreover, Czech Republic was not its own independent state until 1993 when it split from Slovakia.

A great place to visit and I’m so happy I did. Took the bus to Vienna this morning and I’m now just settling in to my second hostel. The music city adventure starts tomorrow!


Fun Fact #7: The Czechs drink more beer per capita than other country in the world. Each head will sink about 43 gallons a year on average!!!!



  1. We’re almost in Ashdod Israel to see Jerusalem. Glad you had such a good time in Prague. Vienna will be great as well.

    Luv mom and dad

    Sharon Doubt Sent from my iPad

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