Posted by: hdoubt | November 15, 2012

Oh ya, school!

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It has been far to long but I am back! Sometimes you forget when you’re over here that there is actually school work that comes around every once in awhile! I had a couple of small papers due last Thursday so I have been MIA from the blog! Good news though, there has been a lot that has gone on to share!

I guess the first big event since my last post is Halloween! A couple days before the actual day, the group of us headed to Tivoli to check out the decorations. I thought Tivoli was a pretty awesome place the first time I went there, but to see it all done up for Halloween was pretty neat! Everywhere you looked something was decorated in some aspect of Halloween decor. A couple of people went on rides and such, but I spent my time eating and going through the Haunted House! It was a great night out and I look forward to going again in a couple of weeks to check out what they have in store for Christmas.

On Halloween day I did not start thinking about a costume until about 5 p.m that night…not a great idea! But I went down to the dollar store right by the apartment, picked up a pair of nerdy glasses, borrowed suspenders, a bow tie, and a dress shirt from a couple of friends and voila! I was a nerd. Original, I know. But nevertheless it worked out and it was a fantastic night. As you can see from some of the pictures my friends got pretty into it which was great! We went to the student bar that night where every person had a great costume.

What was also great about that night was that they handed out free FC Copenhagen soccer tickets. The tickets were for last Thursday night and the group of us that went had a blast. I had never been to a soccer (or should I say football) match before and it was such a great experience. On the one end you had the opposing teams fans, on the other, our fans. They did the typical chants that you always hear from your television screens and people were going crazy. At one point, the game had to stop because the opposing team’s fans threw fireworks out onto the field! It was crazy! Overall though, the arena was awesome and way bigger and nicer than I was expecting. The team lost, but hey, I got the European football experience.

What else…Just a couple of days ago Dylan, Nick and I headed to the Carlsberg Brewery to do a tour. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but nonetheless fun. The brewery isn’t actually used anymore so much of it is seeing old memorabilia. Seeing the world’s largest bottle collection was neat! And you can never go wrong when you get two free beers!

Dylan and I also went on a tour of Parliament last week. We got shown around by the youngest Member of Parliament! How old was he?! 22! A pretty cool guy, he showed up in jeans and converses and took us around some of the main rooms of Parliament. He is also a student, studying Political Science at Aarhus….he leads a pretty busy life suffices to say.

Other than that I have been busy with school work. Handed in a couple of short papers that will not actually be marked but will be used for starting topic points for my oral exam in December. Can’t believe it is only a month until I go back!

Anyways, hopefully it won’t be so long until my next post!


Fun Fact Numero 10: Thought Scandinavian design only included IKEA? Practical design also runs in the blood of the Danes. Examples of Danish designs include Lego, the Rabo Trike (tricycle), GUBI chair, Kompan’s Hen, and the strange Washing-up Bowl, all of which are are featured at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen.



  1. According to my mother, Halloween did not exist in Denmark when we lived there many years ago I guess things have change or……. I do wonder whether Sharon simply rented a cargo plane, brought all the Doubt Halloween decor to Denmark and decorated Tivoli to ensure her son felt at home!! I think she has enough to do the park!

  2. Loved the update. Had to laugh when you went off to Tivoli as I thought you would think you were simply back on Tobin Court! And then I read Britta’s post! HA HA
    Please to learn you’re taking advantage of the free beer – and a tour of Parliament with a 22-year old elected member! Great future – anxious for you to explain how he was elected and by whom.
    Still in Arizona – until the 28th. Sorry we missed your SKYPE call! Was fun to hear your voice!
    Hugs to you!

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